n. verbal expression about light. phosloquent adj. phosloquently adv. phoslocutor n. [f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light' + L. locūtiō 'speech']

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PhosWords – Second Edition (English)

PhoScope's lexicon continues to expand the discourse of light. Download PDF: pay what you wish, and remember that PhoScope is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit so your contributions are fully tax deductible.

Ideas start with words: as photoglots, you can now reflect on photal issues in entirely new ways.

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PhosWords – First Edition

Everything You Always Wanted to Say About Light(ing Design) but Couldn't Put Into Words
Our new publication gives you +450 words with definitions, etymological roots, synonyms and antonyms. It's free, but we would welcome a donation- we suggest $10.00. PhoScope is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, and your contributions are fully tax deductible. Download PDF.