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adj. pertaining to terrestrial lights.  syn. geophotic. [f. Gk. geō- ‘earth’+ photal]

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Recreo De Noche

Days are short at the tropics, and the vision for Recreo de Noche (RDN) is to provide multiple Puerto Rican communities with light after sunset, in an effort to address the immediate recreational and social needs of residents who are deprived of lit public spaces that can be used as playgrounds and communal places.

The RDN program entails collaborative processes between teams of volunteers, local organizations and local communities, and it uses a low-cost and replicable project model to serve communities throughout Puerto Rico.

For each RDN project, the lighting layout is determined by the local users while volunteers provide guidance by means of public discussions, participatory workshops and hands-on assistance, and the lighting equipment becomes property of the partnering local community upon procurement.

All lighting is solar-powered and can be easily relocated as the communities’ needs evolve, and all the equipment procured for a RDN project serves as a sustainable back-up lighting system for the community in case of emergencies. Each project includes the following luminaires:

5 solar streetlights: these are stationary lighting fixtures that provide illumination on the playgrounds
10 solar floodlights: these can be installed flexibly along access points, pathways and for feature lighting
50 portable lights: these are small portable lights that become a community resource for educational and artistic workshops on light with children, youths and adults and that can be distributed to the community constituents as and if needed.


PhoScope developed the RDN program’s mission and vision as part of its global initiative Light Reach, and we provide continuous support in the form of research, resources and advice and serve as a training and support platform for all RDN projects.



Recreo De Noche 1: Pilot project

Site: Caño Martín Peña, San Juan, PR
Timeline: 4Q 2018 – 1Q 2019
Team: Marién Vélez, Lorna Mulero, Stephanie M. Soler
Local Partner: Proyecto Enlace del Caño Martín Peña




Recreo De Noche 2

Site: Barrio Mariana de Humacao, PR
Timeline: 1Q – 2Q 2019 (Opening date: June 10 2019)
Team: Marién Vélez, Lorna Mulero, Stephanie M. Soler
Local Partner: Arecma



Recreo De Noche 3

Site: Community La Vuelta del Dos and Los Guaretos, Comerío
Timeline: 2Q – 3Q 2019, Pending Funding
Team: Marién Velez, Lorna Mulero, Stephanie M. Soler
Local Partner: La Maraña



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Light Reach

September 2018

PhoScope is launching Light Reach, a radical photocentric initiative to fight light poverty and bring light equality, and facilitate and scale up social engagement in lighting practice. Light Reach serves the educational, artistic, social and recreational lighting needs of communities and individuals worldwide.


Light Reach is a multi-program global initiative with project-based templates and open source resources and includes:

One two-session Volunteer Training Program to provide teams with open-source tools such as guidelines on project processes, specifications for off-grid turnkey lighting kits, and pedagogical materials for community workshops on light and lighting.


Several Project Programs with replicable project models



Our first project program, Recreo de Noche, supports the rapid implementation of solar-powered lighting for community centers and community playgrounds throughout Puerto Rico.

Upcoming programs include Lighting for Unplanned Settlements – based on the ongoing  solar lighting project developed for Fokal in Haiti – and Lighting for Transitional Refuge.



PhoScope is launching a new website and social media platform for Light Reach: coming soon!

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Help us fight light poverty and bring light equality



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