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Dermaphotology 1

Dermaphotology is the study of skin-related lighting properties and phenomena ☐ dermaphotologist n. dermaphotological adj. dermaphotologically adv. [f. Gk. derma ‘skin’+ photology]

With Dermaphotor, PhoScope critiques pervasive practices in the lighting industry that cater spectral distribution for fair skin tones. In this project for Performers of Color, we want to light the United Shades of Americans and empower live performers of all skin types.

Dermaphotor is a portable battery-operated light fixture with multiple preset spectral outputs that optimize the appearance of skin tones with various degrees and types of pigmentation.



Status: Current
Timeline: 2017- Present
Team: Nathalie Rozot, team members and project partners in progress
Advisory team: Makale Faber Cullen, Brooke Silber Carter, Maria Thompson

PhoScope is currently seeking Project Partners, Project Collaborators and Project Sponsors.
Please contact us at


Work in progress was presented at