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adj. that produces its own light. syn. autophotic ☐ autophocy n. [f. Gk. autós ‘self’ + photal]

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Solar Powers of 10

Solar Powers of 10 is a solar-powered light sculpture that exhales a nocturnal ghost image of a Sun to increase public awareness for solar energy. Proposed in homage to Charles and Ray Eames’ s short documentary film “Powers of Ten,” Solar Powers of 10 is a low-cost, robust and versatile light-art installation, temporary or permanent,  which can be presented in various sizes as land-art or as a billboard.

Self-powered and off-the-grid, Solar Powers of 10 sculptural installations are artistic in appearance, ecological in application, and civic in essence as they contribute to increasing the public’s awareness and knowledge of solar-powered lighting.

Solar Powers of 10 uses arrays of solar-powered pixels of monochromatic light (white and amber) which charge during the day. The model is not site specific: installations can be implemented in multiple locations in a variety of sizes and can be displayed horizontally at grade level or vertically as billboards. Audiences vary from local residents to unique visitors, including landing and departing plane passengers.

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