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adj. that emits light from within. syn. endophotic endophotally adv. ☐☐ ant. exophotal.  [f. Gk. éndon- ‘within’ + photal]

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Phomo Sapiens 1

In Phomo Sapiens, PhoScope posits that our +nocturnal lives require further evolution of our visual system to accommodate our cognitive development and explores an evolutionary path to augment human visual performance.

The limitations of our visual system, due to our species’s diurnal origin, impede our adaptive activity in nocturnal contexts and we have resorted to light and optical technologies to supplement our visual constraints.  Homo Sapiens 2.0 would benefit from a versatile and adaptive sensory perception adapted to both bright and dim conditions.

Phomo Sapiens is a chimeric augmented homonoid that would integrate intersectional changes in the structure and photosensitivity of the eye and the skin through genetic mutations or manipulations to introduce discrete features such as but not limited to new photoreceptors, retro reflectors, iridophores, leucophores and chromatophores.


Status: Current
Timeline: 2018- Present
Team: Nathalie Rozot, team members TBD
Advisory team: Makale Faber Cullen, advisors TBD

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Heliophotomorphing 1

Solar Lightscapes expands on design research previously undertaken for “Empowering Times Square,” “TOOP” and “5Watts” by exploring ecological lighting solutions for light-controlled tectonics, both architectural and theatrical, using solar-powered light sources, sunlight and high-tech optics and accessories. By extension, PhoScope aims at critiquing and disrupting the use of high-consumption lighting applications and addressing the needs of underserved communities.

This work was supported by a Fellowship from the Graham Foundation for Architecture at the Mac Dowell Colony.

PhoScope_HPM1_1 PhoScope_HPM_1_2 PhoScope_HPM_1_3 PhoScope_HPM_1_4