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n. professional practice that pertains to the design of light in interior spaces. endophototect n. endophototectural adj. endophototectonics n. [f. Gk. éndon- ‘within’ + Gk. phôs-, phōt- ‘light’ + Gk. tektōn ‘builder’]

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Heliophotomorphing 1

Solar Lightscapes expands on design research previously undertaken for “Empowering Times Square,” “TOOP” and “5Watts” by exploring ecological lighting solutions for light-controlled tectonics, both architectural and theatrical, using solar-powered light sources, sunlight and high-tech optics and accessories. By extension, PhoScope aims at critiquing and disrupting the use of high-consumption lighting applications and addressing the needs of underserved communities.

This work was supported by a Fellowship from the Graham Foundation for Architecture at the Mac Dowell Colony.

PhoScope_HPM1_1 PhoScope_HPM_1_2 PhoScope_HPM_1_3 PhoScope_HPM_1_4